.Reverse engineering services

4Z offers 3D reverse engineering services across numerous industries.

 It’s a simple, two-step process: 1) scan the object 2) create a 3D model of the object.

At 4Z we will work closely with you to understand the reverse engineering brief;

  • To make a part or other item cheaper

  • Replicate a one-of-a-kind part with no available drawings

  • Analyze a competitor’s product

  • Create machining drawings for a handmade prototype

  • Create a nominal model to be compared against for inspection

  • Make changes and improvements to a product’s design

  • Preserve and document handmade moulds & obsolete parts

  • Create the mould for a part


We work across a range of industry sectors, which means we are quick to adapt to your requirements and can provide highly skilled technicians to access and gather data in any environment.

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