3D non-destructive testing.

4Z's capability extends into non-destructive testing and difficult access solutions to provide an end-to-end service for 3D inspection and analysis.

To maximize the benefits of 3D scanning we utilise ultrasonic testing, phased array, x-ray and manual techniques to ensure no data is missed and therefore improving confidence for engineering assessments.

NDT services used in conjunction with 3D scanning:

  • Ultrasonic inspection for vessel/pipe wall thickness

  • Ultrasonic pencil probing in general corrosion areas

  • Phased array inspection for internal vessel/pipe wall profiles

  • X-Ray inspection for modelling of unexposed profiles (closed impellers, internal strut thicknesses etc)

4Z’s experienced team of technicians are difficult access professionals and provide 3D services across a range of industries in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

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