.3D laser tracking services

4Z offers 3D laser tracking services across numerous industries.

At 4Z we use laser tracking technology for accurate dimensional analysis of parts, plant and accessories. We can produce reports detailing GD&T data outputs, such as roundness, flatness, concentricity etc.

3D laser tracking measurements can be made live to allow for real time alignment of steam turbine components, gears and all kinds of large volume items, replacing the need for piano wire, plumb lines and tape measures, eliminating user error, and saving time and money.

Services that we offer include;

  • Turbine diaphragm positioning and alignment

  • Measurement and dimensioning of turbine shafts, casings, and components

  • GD&T report outputs such as, roundness, flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity measurements

  • Monitoring of position change over start-up/shut down

  • Dimensional verification and alignents on manufactured parts

  • Reverse engineering

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